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Kubra Sait is not just a pretty girl in a tight dress, she is one of the top anchors in India and was recognized for the same by the event industry in Dec 2012, and in 2013 she went on to win the title of the "Best Emcee Female” at the Live Quotient Awards. As an anchor she stands out for three specific reasons. As an ace finance student who has held a marketing job with Microsoft, she understands the environment of her clients. With over 1,000 live shows all over the world, she has the experience and versatility to handle any environmental, any event in any country. And finally she has the ability to go far beyond a script, to be spontaneous and interact with an audience and to handle the multiple crisis’ that occur during live events. As a personality Kubra is inflicted with infectious positivity and exudes confidence, wit and warmth. So much so, that she was awarded the ‘Miss Personality’ title at the Miss India World Wide Pageant in Durban. A girl with a large heart, she also works with the Buoyancee mission to empower children through the ‘Build India Project’. Kubra is a gifted anchor, actor and television host who has poise that grabs attention and a gift of the gab that retains it. Her Bollywood career was launched with the feature film Ready and there’s a lot more in store. Kubra Sait believes that in the race to uniqueness, there is no finish line. She is unique and she is nowhere near finished. Hire her while you can still afford her. Book Kubra Sait through Artist Booking Company for your Celebrations, Private events, concerts, weddings, etc.

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