Who We Are

We are India's leading Artist Booking and Management Platform for two generations since 1999. We have earned our reputation in the event industry from planning corporate events and lavish weddings under Sound Spirit Events and The Wedding Concierge.
The Artist Booking Company (Artist Booking Company) was launched as a sister company to create a focussed offering in the field of Artist management and has taken-off like a storm with more than 3500+ events worldwide. We are one of the most popular artist management companies featuring singers, musicians, Bollywood celebrities, and entertainment performers for all kinds of events, Artist Booking Company represents main and top-tier talent. If you want to book a singer for a wedding, hire a Bollywood celebrity for your sangeet occasion, book a professional playback singer, hire a celebrity event singer, hire a celebrity for brand endorsement, or even book a reality show artist or band for a private event, look no further than the Artist Booking Company.
What makes an event happening and memorable is the sound of music and the entertainment sets the mood! We are India's leading Artist Booking Company. Our company matches clients with the perfect entertainer, performer, or singer for their events. As well as facilitating more events for our members. The focus of our company is on creating the perfect setting and mix of elements for your event - while bringing both local and international artists to you.
Our team comprises of industry veterans in event management, wedding planning and artist & celebrity management and have worked with innumerable event companies and direct clients across the globe. Be it Europe, US, Africa, Asia or Australia, Artist Booking Company pride themselves on delivering efficient solutions of the highest international standards for all manner of requirements. Good work, happy clients, and year-on-year growth is a testament to our quality. It requires effort, efficiency, expertise and teamwork from a lot of people working together to create and deliver excellence and professionalism in the field of Artist Management. The team at Artist Booking Company will ensure that you get to book any artist of your choice without any hassle or confusion, whether it be a Bollywood star to perform at your wedding or a famous singer to perform at a college fest. You can seamlessly book any celebrity from our website or app. We provide our customers with specialised settings and entertainment elements that will turn their special day into a memorable and exciting one! We have managed some of the biggest artists in India and worked on some of the most prestigious festivals and events for our clients as the best Artist Booking Company.
In addition to artist booking and event management, we manage custom-designed line-ups or programmes for corporate, colleges, and clubs so feel free to browse through our artists on the website or app. As part of our holistic services for booking an artist, we handle everything from providing you with a quote through to concluding your event with no hassle. Our goal is to make sure our clients get the best Artist Booking Services. In the same vein, we offer the best Artist Management Services for your special event based on our decades of experience in the entertainment industry. You can easily find a wide range of professional event entertainers, famous singers, actors, and performers awaiting your call. You can always reach out to our online and phone-in support staff to ensure that all your concerns and expectations are met with the highest quality services provided by our motivated Artist Management team. Artist Booking Company is not only the best artist booking website in India, but it is also the most popular way of booking artists using the Artist Booking App. Our motto is to deliver each event's unique character with flawless execution and perfect management throughout the whole process.

What makes us the best event management company?

we strive to deliver a perfect fusion of comfort, ease of browsing a diverse range of artists, professionalism, flawless management, and coordination for each client, we are the best artist booking platform in India. With the intention of ensuring your event reaches its desired success, our team will make sure the best event and artist management services are provided for you. Our website serves as the best booking platform for professional singers, Bollywood celebrities, live bands, and TV celebrities due to the large number of artists available. In addition to being the best and most used Event Management and Artist Booking Company Globally, we are always striving to refine our services and refine our efforts in order to meet your expectations in all aspects of our artist management and booking services. This is what differentiates us from other similar companies online. When you want to celebrate, we'll ensure that your event runs smoothly from beginning to end. You can count on us to deliver the best services in the market, regardless of what you choose to avail of. How? Here is what makes us the best team to work with:

Easily Browse Professional Entertainers and Celebrities:

On our website and through our app, you can find all your favourite celebrities! Artist Booking Company is a one-stop-shop for all artists' management requirements, from celebrity appearances at private celebrations like weddings and parties to brand endorsements by B-town actors. In addition to this, we have onboard famous singers, musicians, live bands, and professional entertainers. You can find artists of your choice in just one click thanks to our extensive list of celebrities and performers. Our team of experts will be the happiest to assist you in finding the best musician for every occasion, be it an upcoming product launch, anniversary party, wedding, inauguration, corporate event, or birthday celebration.

Booking artists is hassle-free:

When you're not familiar with the intricacies of booking an artist online, it may not be easy to do. With our cutting-edge technology at hand, Safe Transaction flows, and unparalleled Artist Management expertise in the entertainment industry, we at Artist Booking Company make it extremely easy for you. Finding the right artists, booking them online, getting the prices, and finally having them perform at your event - we ensure that our clients have a smooth and hassle-free experience at every step of our services.

Best Prices Guaranteed:

We make sure you are aware of all the costs involved when you are determining how much you can spend on an entertainment performance for your event. With Artist Booking Company, we strive to provide the best services within the client's set budget with transparency and client satisfaction. We have therefore designed our website in a way that lets you easily get the best offer from the artist, starting with an instant quote from our artist manager. We do not charge hidden fees at Artist Booking Company.

Managing artists professionally:

We consider ourselves to be among the top artist management companies in India. Our team of artists managers works diligently to find the best deals for you based on the event's date, venue, duration, and budget. We are dedicated to providing only the best and highest-quality entertainers no matter what the occasion! We as the most renowned celebrity management firm have successfully bridged the gap between a host and an artist with a smooth exchange of trust, reliability, and comfort coupled with effective and transparent management services.
Let’s make your occasion unforgettable & cherished. The services we offer are available in all parts of India and around the world.

What We Do

Our services range from giving you direct access to a huge pool of International Artists listed on our mobile app, to taking care of every other nitty-gritty.

  1. Contacting & Contracting Artists globally
  2. Scheduling dates & booking
  3. Technical support for sound & lighting systems
  4. Updates with Latest Trends & Acts
  5. Response within 24 hours of your inquiry
  6. Suggestions or Recommendations as per budget
  7. Event flow coordination & execution
Wedding Planning

With our long-standing relationships with direct clients, event companies and other artist management companies we bring to you the best of entertainment for whatever your Wedding Celebrations entail. You can book Dhol players or instrumentalists for Welcoming of guests, hire popular playback singers, Reality show artists or bands, funky acts that you have seen online or on tv or book famous celebrities to host, dance or even appear for your family functions. (Even dance choreographers are available for your family performance), Wether it be a funky girl band of foreign artists or peppy anchors and energetic artists or djs that will encourage your guests to jump in the pool together to rock your Pool Party, Dance performers with beautiful outfits to make your Var Mala stand out, exciting and unique concepts for an extravagant Bride or Groom entry or a peppy singer for Mehndi or Haldi event to keep the guests entertained, Celebrity performances and celebrity appearances or celebrity and popular singers at your wedding sangeet or reception.

Whatever the occasion, we have a solution for you. Artist Booking Company.. as simple as ABC! Browse the website or our app now.

Corporate Events

We have worked with 1000’s of corporates over the years and have built a rapport to have repeat clients year on booking various artists for their corporate events be it award ceremonies, yearly gatherings, seminars, trade shows, VIP experiences, conferences, executive retreats, team building events and product launches. We also handle every detail of your event as well as entertainment if you need us to so you can relax back and enjoy the event and mingle with your subordinates, colleagues and associates.

We help in creating unique experiences and out of the box ideas for events which need something new every year. So if you need to book an artist to entertain your audience, hire a motivational speaker to encourage or guide your associates or staff, book a celebrity to click pictures with or hire a celebrity to perform for your event or a famous celebrity to host your event to make it something for everyone to look forward to, or even if you need a brand ambassador to appear at your event or a celebrity for the brand endorsement of your product. We can suggest an artist in your budget or book a brand that works well for your event or occasion.

If you book a singer in a basic budget or get a well known face to perform with their band or dance team, there are a lot of technical aspects of the shows that will be organised and managed by us so you can have a hassle free experience. Small things like technical requirements that needs to be provided on the day with an experienced engineer to provide the right output, arranging everything on stage, backstage and off stage like production supervision along with stage design to ensure equipment doesn’t interfere with your occasion in terms of space, aesthetics and convenience, artists lodging and boarding will be taken care of so you can have a great enjoyable event without worrying about these small things which make a big difference to artists. The bigger the artist the more the requirements will be and thats where we come in so you can focus on the more important aspects of your event as we provide, manage and organise your entertainment needs from A-Z. We have more than 3500+ satisfied customers, firms and clients which is why so many corporates put their trust in us, From destination events all over the globe to local adventures in India, we have the capability and team to manage your artist requirements anywhere.

The virtual event concept has grown over the pandemic and lockdown in the last 2 years and we provided many artists for appearance, performance or hosting online events as people enjoyed from the comfort of their homes.

So have a look at our directory online or our Artist Booking App and find artists to suit your corporate needs

College Festivals

From organising small college events to the biggest IIT Tech festival in India, we have the experience, the team, the ideas and execution capabilities that you are looking for. We work with the organising committee of the college festival whom we brainstorm ideas with according to the venue size, audience capacity, and exactly what they want to achieve at the event. We help from deciding the theme, creating unique fest activities, decor, programs, and which artist will be best suited to your program. From budgeting, logistics, travel, entry exit points for artist and private photo sessions with key teams. We assign our team responsibilities and take decisions according to what has been discussed for a smooth running of the entire program. If you hire a celebrity singer, book a reality show artist or band to perform or a bollywood celebrity to host or a bollywood celebrity for appearance, which are normally the few main categories or artists that people book for college festivals, we manage everything as simple as Artist Booking Company from A-Z. These are always a blast to organise as the youth have an overload of energy and excitement to see the celebrity or performer and in return the celebrity, singer or band performing at the college fest is charged up by this energy and reciprocates the excitement back.

Look through our wide variety of artists and celebrities to book your favourite.

Ticketed concerts

We have provided many top level celebrities for ticketed concerts. Be it as the main lead making deals for celebrities touring a few cities to long international tours with the biggest of promoters to the smaller opening acts like reality show singers and performers to fill the space between the celebrity performances or even to just entertain the crowd in the beginning as warm up. Artist Booking Company will help you keep the contracting of the artist with set terms and conditions from both sides incase of any situations that arise from out of the blue. Have a look at our range of artists and select which artist or celebrity is best for your concert.

Brand Endorsements

Brand Endorsing is a channel of brand communication in which a celebrity acts as the brand's spokesperson and certifies the brands’ claim and position by extending his/her personality, popularity, status in society or expertise in the field to the brand.
Artist Booking Company is one of India's leading celebrity booking agency that enables you to book a selection of celebrity artists for your brand including Bollywood Stars, Singers, Comedians, Speakers, popular social media Influencers, TV Artist, Athletes and more.
So for any Celebrity Actors, Celebrity Actresses, to book Punjabi Singers, bollywood playback singers, Cricketers, Musicians, Live Bands for appearances or performances to endorse your brand live at an event or for pre product launch, packaging, print shoots, television ad shoots, Live concerts, Private Celebrations, Awards ceremonies, Movie promotion and Brand campaigns and for all other marketing purposes. Utilizing a well known famous celebrity, high profile brand name to endorse your product and services can be very simple. With the right celebrity support and guidance from us, you can build brand awareness by having them spread awareness about your brand.

Browse through our app and pick a celebrity which best fits for your event or project.

Celebrity Appearances

Being among the most trustworthy Artist Management Companies In India, We provide celebrity management services like endorsement, Appearance, Performance for your events and occasions globally. A one-stop solution for providing Bollywood Actors, Actresses, Singers, Dancers, motivational speaker , Comedians, TV artists, Anchors and many more. We are the best celebrity management company/ agency providing solutions for your requirements that fit your goal and budgets.
From select award shows and corporate events to large-scale concerts, weddings, brand building, we can provide an entertainment solution to suit any occasion. Along with celebrity management, we also offer comprehensive production support to make sure that the event or shoot that you want to put up goes smoothly from the beginning to the end.
If you are looking to boost your brand with a night of fun and music, then our seasoned celebrity managers can help you collaborate with the right entertainer and production team for your event. Our well-established connections with a host of well-known personalities can help your brand get the attention it needs.
While suggesting celebrities to brands and clients, most of them have set ideas as to who they wish to choose in representing their brands. While this fact exists, many times, brands want to reach out to their target in unconventional ways as well. When we are talking about mass products, conventional celebrities are opted for as they just have to attach a meaning or aspiration to the product and appeal to a larger audience for recall. Where we can be flexible, we offer unconventional brand endorsers who can influence your users and customers in different ways. Basically, conventional celebrities can be great endorsers but unconventional endorsers can be smart advertisers. The choice is yours and there many celebrities to choose from in our directory of artists, so get browsing and select now.

Special Occasions ( Birthday, Anniversary etc..)

Be it a Birthday, an anniversary, graduation or even a mundan!.. we have provided celebrities for all occasions to keep your guests entertained and enthralled. Every occasion deserves some entertainment and you have come to the right place to make that selection. Be it less known singers, popular tv reality show singers, playback singers or celebrity singers, we have the best options for your occasion and with our team of intellectual staff we will help you select what suits your needs for your occasion. From indian idol singers, to sa re ga ma reality show singers to tv serial artists who can appear at your functions to big bollywood celebrities who can attend your functions as guests or host your event or even perform. We at Artist Booking Company have a selection you will Love! We make the process of booking very easy from the comfort of your home and family we are just a phone call away to make suggestions and give you ideas on how to make your event more exciting. Specialised in Artist Management from 23 years, we are here to help you make the best decision for your special occasion.

Are you an Artist?

Conversely, we are also a well-recognised platform for artists to register themselves and be accessible to numerous event organisers, wedding planners and individuals.
Talent management involves 360 degree celebrity and brand fit services including endorsement management, portfolio management, strategic PR, digital presence management, grooming, etiquette, appearance, etc.
For established stars, the focus is on converting their value into a progressively enhancing one. The strategic brand fit is where we interact with brands over their long term strategy and determine how the enhanced persona fits with the set of celebs.
In talent management, the personal relationship between a celebrity and a manager is eminent. A talent's focus is to highlight oneself but a talent manager's job is to make a brand out of an individual. Managers ensure that the talent remains focused on their goal and guides the talent in the necessary steps to be taken.
We work with a wide variety of artists ranging from the biggest names in the industry to talented, up and coming acts across all genres. Through our partnerships with prominent promoters, festivals, venues and corporates and event agencies across the country, we curate line ups which enable the artists to amplify their music, dance and other talents and reach to the right audiences.
Behind every successful celebrity is a very talented Celebrity Manager. This person astutely understands the journey of celebrities and ensures that they make the most of their stardom by bringing great partnership and collaboration opportunities to the fore.
We have managed and developed a number of artists who are currently in the top tier of independent musicians in the country. Our expertise lies in identifying talent and aiding in building a brand to propel them forward. We take a holistic approach towards management and bookings, providing our artists with industry know-how and helping them build a career and nurturing their creative vision.
We have long-standing partnerships with some of the biggest brands in the world and can leverage these existing relationships to make sure that talented individuals under our wing get associated with companies on a global scale.

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